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I took a pizza to a released inmate’s home for dinner.  He is locked down to his home after work with a transponder on his ankle. The parole board makes it hard on these men.  But he is seeking the Lord always as he did in prison. He is doing awesome with a job, car, and a place to live. The model released inmate.  He is an exception.  Please pray for him and other released inmates that they will continue to walk with victory in Jesus.


I had lunch with a released inmate.  We got into the word and prayed some.  He has a lot of challenges in probation, they don’t make it easy.  He has been to church and is eagerly looking for a job and is excited about his new life.  Prayers please.

A time to morn

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We grieve with the families of the inmates and officers who lost their lives and those who were injured in the correctional department transport bus accident yesterday traveling from Abilene to El Paso, TX.

Our prayers and heartfelt condolences go out to their families.

Lenny and Saranda
Behind Prison Walls Ministry

December 16th

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Had communion service at the jail Annex. Three men received Christ. Praise God!

May 15th

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Increasing our ministry base! Today I’m getting ready to go to Otero County Prison Facility in New Mexico for the first time. This is exciting. I know the Lord is going to work in men’s lives there. Prayers please.

April 29th

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I had just brought the book cart to pod 7 and dropped off some Bibles labeled for inmate delivery. After making some more delivery’s I noticed I missed one of the Bibles I had labeled for pod 7. I went back and as I put it down I glanced up and saw an inmate that I was talking to earlier reading one of the new Bibles I had dropped off. How encouraging. God allowed me to see that to bless my heart and it worked.

I’m stuck at home today recovering from back surgery.  Early this morning I received an emergency call from the down town jail.  An inmate tried to commit suicide and they wanted a minister to talk to him.  I so much just wanted to jump into my car and drive down and encourage him but reality set in.  I can barely walk to the bathroom none the less drive or walk up to the eighth floor of the jail.  So I prayed and trusted the Lord would send him someone.