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October Newsletter

Posted: October 9, 2013 in Newsletters


Hello Church family!

Wow, what a great month the Lord gave us in the El Paso Jail and the Southern New Mexico Correctional Facility. It keeps getting better and better. This month seventeen men received Christ, four were baptized and one committed to become a Bible teacher. Praise God!

You may remember inmate MS from a past newsletter. I wrote about him leading another inmate to the Lord and said it felt like we now have spiritual grandchildren. I saw him overflowing with joy one night, he told me God gave him someone else to lead to Jesus and he prayed the sinner’s prayer with him. WOW! In talking with MS I was amazed how much I could feel the kingdom of God in his heart way beyond the months he has been a believer. God is so good to us.

During the baptism service this month one inmate needed to be kept separate from the rest. I came into the jail one day and I was thinking about how he must have felt alone and probably forgotten about because they have him in the strictest isolation. I have never met him but I wanted to reach out to him and see if he was ok. I went to JM’s pod and had him pulled out to the ministry room. When he arrived he looked stressed and depressed. After I introduced myself, we opened in prayer and I reminded him I had been there for his baptism service and I wanted to come by and see how he was doing. He asked “what made you come and see ‘me’?” I said with a smile, “Because you’re ‘special’. I noticed they wouldn’t let you be baptized with the other inmates at the baptism service.” He said it made him feel like an animal when they put him in that little cage while everyone else was being baptized. I told him “I know you are alone here and probably feel forgotten about, but God told me to come tell you He hasn’t forgotten about you and neither have I.” His eyes started to water and said “really?” I said “Yep”. JM said “it’s hard being in here, I’m alone all the time in that little cell and it seems all I can do is think about is negative things.” He gave me some examples and said it’s driving him crazy. We talked some about how much he misses his wife and three kids. I read 2 Chronicles 20 and I told him about when King Jehoshaphat felt overwhelmed he committed it to prayer and God told him just to stand firm because He was going to do his fighting for him. I told him God is your strength brother, you can do the same thing, pray and trust, you know God can help you. JM looked comforted and I asked him if he would like me to come visit him once a week to pray and get into the word. He looked surprised and said “yes.” I said “Lord willing once a week, sometimes I just can’t get to everyone I want to and I might miss you some week but to look for me on Mondays and Tuesdays.” He thanked me and said he really appreciated it.

God is so awesome! Thank you again for your prayers and support. Please join us in prayer that support will increase and enable me to commit full time serving inmates like JM & MS.

In his service with you,

Lenny & Saranda Beck
Behind Prison Walls Ministries

Saranda’s Prayer Corner
Be still and know that I am God Psalm 46:10
Heavenly Father, today we come before You, thanking You for blessings overflowing, even those that we might not recognize as blessings. We are thankful for Your word that guides and directs our path. Lord may Your presence fill the room when JM starts to feel so alone in isolation. May he find total contentment in ‘being still and knowing that You are God’. In Jesus’ Name Amen.

September Newsletter

Posted: September 12, 2013 in Newsletters

Hello Church family,                                                                                                     9-6-13

Wow, the Lord has been blessing so much more than I can even write about since we stepped out in faith and devoted more time to the ministry.  This month eleven men received Christ, seven signed up for Bible college correspondence courses, five committed to be baptized and still more. Praise the Lord, and thank you for being faithful to this ministry and enabling us to devote the time.

 A couple of men stand out this month.  Another inmate note came in requesting a Bible because he wanted to learn more about God and I decided to deliver it with a personal visit.  I went out and met WCM.  It was awesome! After talking for a while I asked him if he had a relationship with the Lord or had been to a church and he said no but he wanted one.  I explained the Gospel and I prayed with him to receive Christ.  Then I was telling him about fellowship and that he needed to find a good church when he gets out.  I said he needed to be baptized and he asked if he could be baptized there and I said I would put him on the list.  It was like the Lord brought one to me on a silver platter, PRAISE GOD!

The other inmate that stood out is JW.  After talking with him for a while I asked about his relationship with the Lord.  He said he was saved in jail and he gets really close to God but he messes up when he gets out and comes back.  I asked him if he was baptized and his face lit up and he said you know I think that’s been my problem, I never was baptized.  I said, “Brother, your problem is that you haven’t been faithful to God when you get out.”  Then I went to Romans chapter six and explained what it means to be baptized and said “it’s our first step of obedience after we receive Christ and we can’t really expect God to fully bless our next steps of obedience if we don’t take the first.”  I asked if he wanted to get on the list to be baptized in the jail and he said yes.  He also signed up for the Bible college correspondence course.  The second time I went out and talked to him, I put out what I think of as “the bait”.  When I see an inmate that is strongly seeking the Lord I say. “You know I’ve had a lot of different jobs in my life and there is nothing like serving God.  You know, you stay in the Word and pray as much as you can, then you just show up and God does a great work in people’s lives and He lets you be part of it.  It’s great! There is nothing like it when God puts His hand in the glove of your life and uses you for His glory.”  Then I wait and to see how they respond, praying that on their own prompting of the Holy Spirit they commit to some kind of ministry.  Most don’t take the bait but JW did.  He said that he has thought for a long time that God wants him to be some sort of a pastor so when he gets out that is what he is going to do.  Praise God!

I showed both JW and JCM how the book of Acts teaches us that the church is a family that shares everything together.  That now we are family and I love them and wanted to be at the baptism service to rejoice with them on their big night.  Six were baptized that night but JW and JCM were far more excited about it than the rest. Their eyes were beaming with joy when they got into the tank and when they came up out of the water their smiles gleamed after making their public profession of faith.   I thought yes, there is nothing else like serving the Lord. Thank you for your participation in God having us be part of His work here in Texas and New Mexico.  We love you.

In His service with you,

Lenny & Saranda Beck
Behind Prison Walls Ministries

Saranda’s Prayer Corner
Be still and know that I am God Psalm 46:10
Heavenly Father, your word reminds us in Matthew 25:21 “Well done, thou good and faithful servant: thou hast been faithful over a few things, I will make thee ruler over many things”. Lord help JW and each of us to stay faithful to you each and every day regardless of where we might be in our lives, so that daily we may experience the joy unspeakable that you have to offer us. In Jesus’ Name, AMEN.

August Newsletter

Posted: August 7, 2013 in Newsletters

Wow, what a month in El Paso and Las Cruces!

The Lord has put on our hearts to step out in faith and spend more time at the jails and prison!  I have been in the jail for a little over 20 hours a week, and the prison about 4 hours a week this past month.   Seventeen men received Christ, two committed to be baptized and more than I can count rededicated their life to the Lord. Praise the God!

Being able to spend more time at the jail enables me to handle the inmate written religious requests for counseling, prayer, baptism and giving out Bibles on a weekly basis.  It is exciting when I give an inmate a bible knowing that most of them really read them and from past experience seeing the power of God work in their life and changing them.  WOW!

One request stands out in my mind from inmate JP, he asked for a bible and any books that would help him with inner peace.  As I was reading this torn, crumpled up paper with his note written on it I felt moved to go talk to him also  (the only one that day out of over 40 notes).  So, I took him a Bible and an encouraging book.   When I got to his pod I asked the deputy to call him out so I could talk to him.  I was hoping he would come out because sometimes they don’t.  They worry about how it looks in front of their “homies”.   I was glad to see him come out and I Introduced myself as Chaplain Beck and told him that from reading his request it sounded like he needed to talk about inner peace.  JP said he was glad I came and that he really needed to talk.  He said he is facing a life sentence and he is tired of hating from sun up to sun down.  He said he has been in prison three times and three months ago left the prison gangs and he wanted to change but he didn’t know how.  I told him that I think he already knew that he needs God in his life more than he ever has and that God spoke everything we know into creation and He can change JP’s life if he seeks him. I asked him about his relationship with Jesus and he said he had accepted him years ago and was baptized.   I explained how the Bible says If we confess our sins He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and cleanse us from all unrighteousness. (1 Jn. 1:9)  That the blood of Jesus outweighs any sin we can commit and if JP turns to God He will give him a new life day by day.  I encouraged him to recommit his life to Jesus today and it will start rite now.  He quickly said yes and we prayed.  Afterwards he looked like a new man.  I asked him if he would like me to come once a week and go through a devotional with him and he said yes.

We have another disciple that I believe is going to be a powerful witness and will be able to go to people and places that I can’t.  God is so good.   Thank you again for your participation in the men’s lives in the jails and prison.

Lenny & Saranda Beck
Behind Prison Walls Ministry

Saranda’s Prayer Corner
Be still and know that I am God Psalm 46:10
 Heavenly Father, our heart is rejoicing and praising Your Holy Spirit’s movement in the life of inmate JP. Exodus 13:3 says “And Moses said unto the people, Remember this day, in which ye came out from Egypt, out of the house of bondage; for by strength of hand the Lord brought you out from this place” thank you Lord for by Your Strength alone are we able to make changes in our lives, to You be the Glory forever and ever in Jesus’ Name, Amen.