March 2016 Newsletter

Posted: April 6, 2016 in Newsletters

Hello Church Family,
One morning at the Otero County Prison in New Mexico, I sat in on a prayer circle with 5 inmates. We enjoyed some donuts and coffee, then we prayed and sang some songs together. Afterwards we went around the circle asking the question “Can you share any moment when you have known that Christ’s presence was with you?” Each of the inmates took turns sharing and when it was my turn, I shared how the night before I was talking to an inmate at the jail and was lead to share a story of my past. My unplanned story ended up being one that he was able to connect with, which helped him deal with a severe anger problem. I testified to the prayer circle that it was surely Jesus’ presence and not mine that helped the brother.

The inmate sitting next to me I have known for about six months. He is a lean medium to
small build man around 60 years old. His countenance has always stood out in my mind because he has a constant scowl on his face, but not one of anger. One that looks like he is really tired of the immense emotional pain he has been through in his incarceration. He shared that the reason he missed our meeting last month was because he was wrongfully accused of inciting a riot and was put in lock-down solitary confinement for a month. He said that it’s hard being alone and not talking to anyone for a month, but that this time it was different. He shared that he could feel Jesus’ presence, His love, His plan for his life more than he ever has before, and that how he wasn’t alone because Jesus was with him. He shared that he has been in prison for sixteen years and in two more years he will be going home and that the 30 days in isolation was probably the greatest preparation to be released that he has gone through since he has been in prison. That he was glad the Lord put him in there. Wow what a testimony! At that moment we all said how we could really feel Christ’s presence with us. We prayed thanking God that He will never leave us or forsake us and His grace is sufficient.

Praise God! I go into the prison to be a blessing and when I leave I feel I am the one blessed
the most. Thank you church family for your prayers and financial support that allows me to there for these men.

Please take a moment to visit our website and blog at for
more updates on Behind Prison Walls Ministry.

In His service with you,
Lenny and Saranda Beck
Behind Prison Walls Ministry

I was in prison, and ye came unto me. Matthew 25:39

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