Sept 9th

Posted: September 24, 2015 in I show up . . . God does the rest

I started another new area of influence.  Walking the lock down area of The Rojillio Sanchez Prison.   The State Chaplain was showing me around and the first cell we came to we delivered  some Christian books.  I heard a yell from the inmate  “Lenny”!  I said is that you Jesus (his name) and he said yes.  He is an inmate I ministered to at the jail for a few months before he went to prison.  We rejoiced and talked for a while and as I walked away I felt it was a conformation from God on ministering in that institution.

  1. Kathi Smith says:

    That is so amazing, they are so lucky to have you minister to them Lenny! You obviously are making quite an impression.

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