May Newsletter

Posted: June 10, 2015 in Newsletters

Hello Church family,

It’s been a great couple of months in the correctional department of El Paso and New Mexico. The Lord brought 18 men to pray with to receive Christ and I baptized 9. Praise the Lord! We currently have 17 men that I meet with regularly on our one on one counseling list. Some have gone to prison, some have transferred and some have been released. As you may remember we have been prayerfully asking ourselves “what happens next” after these men are released. We have been ministering to three released inmates coping with re-entry into the community as new creations in Christ. Also the Lord has guided me to visit 2 program homes and minister to men no longer in prison.

One of the experiences that stands out in my mind is a young man I met on an emergency call. I was told he was suicidal and full of self hatred and had hurt himself badly. As I was walking down the long hallway to his cell I was praying, “what do you want me to say Lord”? The Lord told me to tell the man that God knew him before He created him in his mothers womb, that God made him to be the perfect him to fulfill the plan He has for his life, that he is so valuable to God that He sent His Son Jesus to die for him. It made me feel confident that I would receive encouraging words for him. When I arrived, he was in a protective cell wearing protective clothing. I have seen many men like this but his condition was disturbing even to me. After introducing myself I began to encourage him and later told him that God loves you and wants to have a relationship with him right now. I continued to encourage him from God’s word and he began to calm down and even started to smile. After about a half an hour I asked him if he knew God’s plan for his life and he said “no”. I went down the Roman road and I asked him if he wanted to pray with me to accept Jesus as his Lord and Savior and he said “yes”. PRAISE GOD! We prayed and afterwards we were both so, so excited. I continued on encouraging him about how he is a new creation and his position in Christ as a loved member of the family of God. I made a big deal about this being his spiritual birthday and wrote the date in the Bible I gave him beside where I outlined the salvation verses in the book of Romans, 3:23, 6:23 and 10:9. Before the end of our visit he even laughed. I praise God and am so thankful that He has given us His word that is more powerful than anyone’s problems. I am also so thankful for the power of prayer and thank you church family for your prayers and support allowing me to continue full time in this valuable mission field. Thank you, I know the Lord will richly bless you for your faithful support.

Serving Christ with you,
Lenny and Saranda Beck
Behind Prison Walls Ministry

Saranda’s Prayer Corner Be still and know that I am God Psalm 49:10

Heavenly Father, thank you for loving each of us, personally and individually. You created us, therefore you have a plan for our life. May we always keep our eyes focused on You and the love You have for us. A love so strong and powerful that if there were but only one human being in this world, You still would have sent your Son Jesus Christ to die for their sins. May we always remember how much You love us and the sacrifice of Your Son Jesus Christ, In His Precious Name we pray, Amen

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