April Newsletter 2014

Posted: May 15, 2014 in Newsletters

The Lord gave us a truly blessed month of April this year.  For the first time in many years the jail allowed inmates to have communion.  I personally love communion services, that remembrance and identification with Jesus and personal examination excites me.  During Easter week, we had Resurrection Sunday Services in 8 of the pods and also 10 lock down inmates were allowed to participate individually. A total of 98 inmates and 8 Deputy’s took the Lords Supper and 26 inmates accepted Jesus as their personal savior.  Praise God!

I spend most of my time at the jail annex because there is about 1800 inmates compared to about 300 at the down town jail.  One day my supervisor asked if I could go down town because there were two inmates that needed an urgent visit and two of the floors hadn’t had a chapel service in weeks. Of course I said I would be glad to and I went there the next day.   I arrived at one of the specified floors and the inmates were brought to the program room for service. I talked a bit about Psalm 95 and 100 how we are commanded to make a joyful noise to the Lord, the Rock of our salvation and we had just started to sing when a deputy came into the room and commanded me to leave.  I said ‘pardon me?’ He said they are having an emergency evacuation.  I told the men ‘Lord willing I will come back’ as I walked out the door.  
I went down the elevator and out the front doors of the jail. I was standing there in a small crowd of people waiting to go back into the building. I was keeping to myself going over my sermon notes in my Bible and I noticed a man next to me looking at my Bible.  I was trying to concentrate on my notes and couldn’t help but notice he was really looking at my Bible.  The second time I looked at him I noticed he was full of tattoos and his hands were behind his back. I didn’t think much about it.  He still stared at my Bible in an intrusive way.  Then I noticed he had two plain clothed deputies behind him and he was in cuffs.  I asked ‘are you going in brother’ and he said sorrowfully with a tear in his eye ‘yes’.  I slowly closed my Bible and asked if I could pray with him and he said yes.  I asked one of the deputies if it was ok and he said let’s wait on that.  I told the man I was praying for him in my heart.  I began to share with him about the passage in 2 Chronicles 20 that I was reading, opened my Bible and started giving a mini message right in front of the jail steps.  As I went on, unintentionally my voice started getting louder and louder and before I knew it the Lord had the crowd listening too.  I talked about how king Jehoshaphat was outnumbered and could do nothing to stand against the three nations that were coming to wipe him out so he prayed and said we have no power to stand against these army’s and don’t know what to do but we trust you and our eyes are on you.  I continued how God honored his prayer and said that the battle belonged to the Lord and he wouldn’t even need to fight and just to stand firm in the Lord.  How in faith Jehoshaphat was obedient and God gave him the victory.  I paused and told him that God has all the power he needs and wants him to trust Him, that God would fight his battle for him too. That everyone here thinks this is an evacuation drill but it’s really a God drill calling him to Himself and sending me out here to tell him to put his trust in Him.  I finally introduced myself and he told me his name.  We talked a bit about his family and where he was from. I told him I would do the best I could to catch up to him after we were allowed to go back in. The emergency evacuation was over and everyone was allowed back inside, as we parted I again told him God was there for him and to trust Him.  I went back up to the third floor and was told the program was over for the day.  I tried to see the man from outside but I couldn’t because he wasn’t processed yet.  I thought about the events of the day, me being called downtown and then the drill and it hit me that my mission for the day was for me to talk him, wow God is amazing.  
The next couple of days I was watching the inmate roster to see if I could find him and there was no record of him yet.  I was walking down one of the pod hallways at the Annex and in a small holding cage I noticed him sitting there.  I said ‘hey brother and he looked up surprised; I said ‘God just put us together again didn’t He?’ I asked him if he wanted to come out to the ministry room and talk and he said yes.  We went through the Bible and talked for almost two hours about God’s plan for our lives.  Then he prayed to accept Jesus as his Savior.  PRAISE GOD!  He signed up for the Bible College correspondence course and later was baptized.  I have never had God bring me together with someone like that before. What an amazing work!  

Thank you again for your support and enabling me to be available for God’s working hand, you were right there with me church family.

Lenny & Saranda Beck

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