February 2014 Newsletter

Posted: May 9, 2014 in Newsletters

Hello Church family, February 2014

The Lord did an amazing work in El Paso in the month of February! The Lord brought us eighteen men who prayed to receive Christ; we were able to pray over and give away thirty two Bibles to inmates; four men signed up for Bible College correspondence programs. Praise God! The Lord did even much more than that.

The Lord recently put on my heart to try to make eye contact with every inmate I see at the jail. So when I see men in the laundry area, kitchen, the clinic or just walking down the hallway on a chain, I attempt to make eye contact with them if they will look at me. I usually nod, smile and sometimes say God bless you. I have a loving caring look on my face kind of announcing that I am there to help them.

I was visiting an inmate in one of the ministry rooms and the deputy said there was another inmate that asked to talk with me. I said great, that I would talk with him right after I finished speaking with inmate RJ. Usually when I first meet an inmate I ask him some questions to see where he is coming from. While I waited for RB, I sat praying about our first visit. Inmate RB was brought in and I greeted him and opened in prayer. I asked ‘so what is your Church background?’ He responded with ‘what do you mean?’ I asked ‘have you ever gone to church?’ and he said ‘no’. I then asked ‘oh, have you been reading the Bible?’ His response was ‘no’. I said ‘ok, how is your relationship with God?’ He said he didn’t have one. I was thinking about what my next question would be, when RB said ‘I saw you in the hallway the other day’. I said ‘oh yea that’s right!’ He said he was going to go to prison again for a while and when he gets out he wanted it to be different this time, that when he saw me in the hallway he realized he wanted to become a Christian. I told him that was awesome and that God would give him the help he needs to lead a different life when he gets out this time. I took RB to the Bible and explained God’s plan for our lives. Afterwards we bowed our heads and he received Jesus as his Savior. We talked a while afterwards and I asked him if he would like me to come out and study the Bible with him once a week before he gets shipped out to prison and he said yes. We then closed in prayer thanking God for His perfect plan in bringing us together that day. God is awesome!

RB and I had a great time for a couple of weeks praying, fellowshipping and getting into the Word about baptism and our need to find a good church family. The next time I went to visit him, I was informed he had been taken to prison. This part of our ministry is difficult, I build a relationship with the inmate and one day we are praying together and studying God’s word and the next time I go to call him out for a visit, he has either been released or sent off to prison. I trust the Lord gave us enough time together to prepare him for what is to come. I do find comfort knowing that most likely the next time I see RB it will probably be in Heaven with Jesus. I can’t wait for you to meet our brother in Heaven, you were right there with me when I prayed with RB to receive Christ. Thank you for your prayers and support.

Saranda’s Prayer Corner Be Still and Know that I am God Palms 46:10

Lord, open our eyes that we might see wonderful things in You Lord, in Jesus’ Name we pray, Amen

Lenny & Saranda Beck
Behind Prison Walls Ministry
PO Box 220984
El Paso, Texas 79913

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