Feb. 4

Posted: February 13, 2014 in I show up . . . God does the rest

Today was my first day back to the jail after surgery.  Praise the Lord.  I can’t believe how good it felt. Fourteen men showed up for the service and four received Christ.  I’ll never get tired of that. 


One of the inmates, DM wanted to talk after the service. We sat and talked and he shared how torn up he is because he has not seen his four children for three months. He can’t sleep at night because they are in a foster home and he worries if they are being taken care of.  How it’s so hard being away from his children, that a lot of the time he tries to pray but just can’t.  I gave him some encouraging scripture about God’s love, prayer and how God takes care of us and our families.  We talked about prayer and how we need to know our God from the Bible and the way He works in lives today and realize how awesome He is, His power in creation, in love, in forgiveness.  After we talked and before I closed in prayer, I asked him that if I started the prayer, would he like to finish in prayer and he said he would.  When he started to pray, it was a father’s prayer for his children as tears started coming down his face. He prayed for everything, for his kids to be taken care of, that they would have enough clothes to stay warm, enough food, enough love and that they would be taught well and be protected. He also prayed for himself to be protected while he is in jail and that God would open the doors for him to see his children again.  I was just blown away during and after his prayer especially since I was just trying to teach him how to be a more effective prayer. The prayer from DM that he just prayed was harder and with more heart than I think I have ever heard anyone pray before.  We left the program room and I told him I would be back next week to see him.  Before I left the pod I traded the alarm for my badge.  I said a final goodbye and bless you brother from a distance.  I was walking down the hallway choked up with tears myself, remembering his prayer and thinking once again,  I come here to be a blessing and I get blessed more than I ever think I could be a blessing to someone else.   God is so faithful.

  1. Kathi Smith says:

    What an amazing testament Lenny! I am so glad you are back working with them.

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